Following an unprecedented demographic and industrial growth, the world is today facing an increasing need in managing more efficiently limited natural resources, such as water and energy.

In this context DowSee mission is to deliver new tools for increasing efficiency in the use of water, energy and environmental resources, through the most recent developments of ICT technologies, such as wireless sensor networks, and advanced tools for data analytics and computational intelligence.



W-MeMo sensor nodes are conceived to be located along water pipes, where they cannot normally access electric power and get the necessary energy supply. For this reason, WMeMo electronics are already characterized by very low consumptions, which allow standard batteries to last up to more than 10 years.

In order to remove the cost of battery replacement and provide a full environmentally friendly solution, the sensor node can be optionally equipped with a micro-turbine, which converts the water flow energy into electricity. Since the flow is generally intermittent, a back up system of super-capacitors enables temporary energy storage up to several months of no running water. The energy harvesting module implements an efficient usage of available energy, by integrating an offline scheduling procedure, namely EA-LSA (Energy Aware Lazy Scheduling Algorithm), able to minimize the energy demands by guaranteeing an optimal resource allocation. This algorithm, applied on the MCU, manages the energy needed to execute a specific task.

The use of energy harvesting modules is an important way to promote a more efficient use of lithium-ion batteries and consequently reduce the environmental impact of their disposal.


W-MeMo is already compliant with the gas smart metering normative (UNI/TS 11291) developed by CIG (Comitato Italiano Gas) and may effectively be applied to gas metering and monitoring using the existing architecture proposed for the water market.

DowSee is presently extending its solutions and developing new platforms to cover a wider range of applications in energy monitoring.

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