DowSee, an Innovative Startup as defined by the Italian government, was founded by a team of young researchers from the academia, a full-professor, a strategic marketing expert and ArieLab Srl, a high-tech R&D company focused on communication technologies and home automation. The company is a university spin-off, meaning that the Università Politecnica delle Marche is among the founding members.

The team is enriched by young and talented engineers from the same region, Le Marche.


The first concept of a wireless sensor network for water leakage detection, based on energy harvesting, wins a first research grant in the national competition “Working Capital 2011″, among more than 2000 ideas submitted, thus allowing to start research and development of the autonomous sensor node prototype.

Later, in 2012 in the context of the “eCapital” business plan competition, the team wins a seed fund and the company is established.

In late 2012 the key W-MeMo concept wins a third competition, called “ItaliaCamp”.

In 2013 the team has been awarded with the regional “Oscar Marchigiano” award for the Environment.